Healing People Naturally

Introducing miHealth

Restore your zest for life

Healing People Naturally

Would you like to restore your zest for life – and be empowered on a journey to fuller energy and optimum health, liberated from pain and anxiety?

Energy healing can ease trauma, reduce stress and enhance wellbeing so that you can be your relaxed, confident and true self.

I’m Liz Midgley, and I’m an expert practitioner combining centuries-old techniques to facilitate self-healing with miHealth, a revolutionary way to rebalance your body’s energy fields for health and happiness.

Introducing miHealth

I’m one of the few UK practitioners to offer miHealth – an exciting breakthrough that could be perfect for you. Bio-energetic medicine can bring about amazing results in a short time. With your intent and my determination to do my absolute best for you, I can help you heal:

  • Stress, emotional and anxiety issues, and mental fog
  • Acute and chronic pain, physical discomfort, the after-effects of surgery and long-term illness
  • Fatigue induced by illness, general tiredness and lack of energy
  • Blocked chakras.

Who can benefit from energetic medicine?

Everyone needs help from time to time to rebalance themselves and their bodies, and to maximise their enjoyment of life. I will support you at times of fatigue, sickness, trauma or pain through a combination of natural healing, energy medicine, compassion and love.

The main healing techniques I offer include:

  • miHealth bio-energetic therapy
  • Traditional Chinese medicine, including acupuncture (using disposable needles at all times)
  • Natural remedies
  • Hands on / off healing as well as distance-healing consultations.


“I had just been through a major trauma feeling very anxious. After my first session of amazing miHealth treatment I immediately felt less anxious and more secure to deal with my daily tasks and challenges. With Liz I felt safe and heard, and she treated me with compassion, empathy, warmth and professionalism.” A.H.

Call me today to start your healing journey.