About Liz Midgley

My background is in Complementary Medicine. My first step on my journey of self -awareness began with my training in Traditional Chinese Medicine where I was introduced to not only the wonderful energetic healing aspects of the tradition but also the spiritual aspects of healing through Tai Qi and Qi Gong. My journey continued, training in different healing modalities and with each training came a greater self- awareness. My journey has taught me so much not only about myself, but also about how to be in relation with others.  During this journey of self-awareness, I have experienced self- compassion, acceptance, deep pain as well as much joy. Whilst learning to befriend my vulnerability I have journeyed closer to my authentic and spiritual self, giving me a sense of wholeness. Throughout this journey I have experienced many valuable lessons which I feel not only have helped me understand myself on a deeper level, but also my clients.

Regardless of our life experiences, there is always more to learn and grow from. I hope that this journey of increasing self- knowing will also benefit you, my clients – humans and animals alike- as I support you to the best of my capacity with love and compassion but also playfulness.

When not at work, I like to spend my time with friends out in nature or enjoying  live creative arts, walking and playing hid-n-seek with my big rescue dog Izzy, as well as spending leisurely  time with family and friends.


My Work

The different energetic healing techniques I use can enable you to get in touch with your healing journey at multiple levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. The healing combination I choose is unique to each client and can bring about extraordinary results. I work with people and animals from all backgrounds and wherever I am called.

My commitment to you will be to provide a safe, compassionate and confidential space where together we can explore the roots of your discomfort from an  emotional, physical and spiritual perspective. There is nothing more rewarding than creating positive changes in people who come to me, knowing that working together we have used the gift of energy healing in its highest form and most perfect way.

My credentials

Throughout my professional life, my focus has been to explore and expand different mind-body-soul healing modalities which has given me a greater understanding and compassion for those who are drawn to working with me.

Qualifications: BA Hons, Dip Ac TCM CHM, Master NLP Practitioner, Diploma in Systemic Family Constellations, Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Certificate in NES BioEnergetiX Wellness System, Diploma in Equine and Animal Healing, Certification in Natural Food Animal Remedies.

I look forward to working with you along your healing journey

Liz Midgley  [email protected]