Depressed Pets

In the papers there is an article talking  about the extreme weather conditions the effects on our pets. More pets are becoming depressed because in the case of dogs , for example their owners are reluctant to venture out in the rain and snow! Whilst I am sure this is one of the main reasons why more dogs are suffering from depression but I think there are other reasons for this also.

Animals are very sensitive beings and pick up emotions from their custodians very easily. My feeling is that as there is an increase in emotional illness amongst humans this has a direct effect on our animals, rain or no rain. Our pets are given to us for many reasons but one of the reasons we have the pets that we do, is that they are God sent to protect us and help us with what we are here to do. They want to take away our pain and unhappiness and take it on themselves that way enabling us to feel better and they to feel increasingly depressed!

We can learn so much from our animals they are some of our greatest teachers. They are selfless, forgiving and show unconditional love. Their souls shine through and warm our hearts. I thank Mother Nature for giving me this gift. The gift of learning from such amazing souls!