Fear of Living

Fear seems to take over every aspect of the human condition, be it what type of interiors one should have from expressing what one truly believes. We all conditioned by our environment and social status. What would it feel like to live in the moment and be free all constraints and fears? I believe this would be true liberty, pure democratic existence.

As society feels more constrictive and less democratic, fear seems to be at every corner one turns. Fear can take many forms , fear of spiders, fear of heights , fear of not being what other expect of us and fear of not being happy. But there is a real fear present in society , fear of survival. the pandemic brought this fear closer to human consciousness and now with the world economic collapse of age old systems, people fear their lives at the hand of natural disaster, wars, economic instability and fear of our minds not equipped with what is going on around us. ” if only I could be happy?” I hear people say.  Happiness is a human experience which results in being free form fear, social constraints and innate perception of perfection-perfect family, perfect childhood , perfect job. perfect relationship and perfect appearance.

Do you think you might be happy and less fearful if you were living your truth? Being authentic and re-connecting with your essence? Compassionate Inquiry- Gabor Mate and Sat Dharam somatic psychotherapeutic approach to healing the imprints from our young self experiences-can help you find your path back home to yourself.