fear or courage


Although fear has its place in the human psyche, and appropriate fear is necessary for survival, however, learnt behaviours based on negative self belief systems or passed memories generating fear are destructive and limiting. Fear can take many forms, fear of a situation, fear of not doing the right thing, not fitting in which may stem from a lack of belonging but could also stem from the fear of revealing who we really are for fear of rejection.

Wouldn’t it be so much more relaxing if we could all be true to ourselves and reveal our true identities likes and dislikes without fear of not fitting in.? It takes a lot of courage to reveal our vulnerabilities. By making ourselves vulnerable we are brushing away the veil of illusion, disregarding self judgement and judgement by others and of others. We are saying to the world”this is me, warts and all and I would like to get to know your warts too!”.

There are rare occasions when one might get a glimpse of this reality when shared with another, it feels like a weight is lifted and a bond created. Sadly more often than not, the Mind steps in perhaps with that inner chatter to stop you in your tracks before the true you reveals too much. The Mind has had years of practice and it is a pattern hard to change. The fearless transparent part of you , is the part which we often are detached from, the part that is our Soul our Higher self it does not need to hide but the Mind, feels vulnerable and so will often stand in its way with a cloak to hide behind. Life for all can be so much simpler if we push aside tricks of the Mind and listen to our true essence. The part which is not fearful, but which believes in truth , honesty and transparency.