miHealth opens the doors to allow the body to self-heal.


A handheld device that recalibrates and balances your body’s energetic system is used in combination with infoceuticals – remedy drops that are selected for your individual circumstances – this pioneering bio-energetic therapy can lead to a dramatic increase in wellbeing.

miHealth is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine. It treats the whole energy field, harmonising and establishing homeostasis. It can be effective for emotional, physical, acute and chronic issues, working with the wisdom of your body.

Freeing your energy flow

miHealth works on acupuncture points without inserting a needle, freeing your energy flow. It is used on or off the body:

  • On the body, gentle electrodes touch the skin and generate electrical and magnetic output. This conjunction has an activising or energising effect.
  • Off the body with the electrodes away from the skin, only the magnetic output is generated. This has a general smoothing or calming effect.

Infoceuticals then consolidate the calibration of your energy fields, activating your body’s self-restoring abilities.

Top 10 applications

miHealth can be used for dozens of applications, but my Top 10 are:

  1. Rejuvenating muscle, joint and bone tissues
  2. Easing fatigue
  3. Relief from acute syndromes, such as colds and flu
  4. Energiser for the whole body/mind
  5. Facilitating mental clarity and better sleep
  6. Facilitating recovery from past shocks and traumas
  7. Enabling the release of emotional stress and physical stress
  8. Re-establishing correct alignment of energy in the body
  9. Alleviating chronic pain
  10. Supporting recovery from long-term illness.

Your Session

By zoom :  voice scan and infoceutical recommendations

45 Minutes £65

In person: body scan, Mihealth treatment, infoceutical recommendations

60-75 minutes £85

There is an additional fee for Infoceuticals.