Spiritual Healing

Heal means “to make sound or whole” and stems from the root, haelan, the condition or state of being hal, whole. Hal is also the root of “holy,” defined as “spiritually pure.” Derivation from the same medieval root indicates a centuries-old association between healing and perceptions of wholeness and spirituality. 31. Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary. Springfield, Mass: G & C Merriam Company; 1979.

Spiritual Healing: Energy healing works on the mind, body and soul where the energetic connection between Spirit, client and therapist (me) enables the client to experience a process of self-healing.

Distant healing

Some people ask if there is any difference between an in- person healing and distant healing. The difference is in the personal experience. Most people like to have the healing face to face, however a distant healing can have the same healing benefits as a face to face session.

Distant Healing Sessions – there will be an initial zoom call to discuss what the client would like support with. The appointment for the distant healing will then be arranged. The client does not need to be seated or lying down however, it is advisable that the client is not driving to ensure safety of the client during the healing session.

Healing supports:

Energetic and physical harmony

Physical and emotional pain / discomfort




Sleep problems

Sessions are £65

For appointments email: [email protected]