Your Session

No session is the same because each is customised to your needs I offer a combination of treatments and we will discuss the reasons you are not feeling in top health before deciding which therapy or therapies will bring you most relief and increase your wellbeing.

They may include miHealth, acupuncture (a healthcare system based on ancient principles going back nearly two thousand years that aims to restore the body's equilibrium) and natural remedies.

Your first session will last 75 to 90 minutes and subsequent sessions an hour. You will have the undivided attention of a qualified practitioner as I listen to your concerns, ask gentle questions and support you in your uneasiness.

Each session is held in the cosy, warm and welcoming treatment room at my home in southwest London or East Sussex. You will feel safe – relaxed – confident – and empowered throughout.

miHealth sessions

  1. Your first miHealth bio-energetic session begins with compiling your case history and discussing the reason for your visit.
  2. A 30-second miHealth scan measures hundreds of wellness points then recommends whether we use the device on or off your body, the correct miHealth programme and the infoceuticals best suited to you.
  3. A 10- to 15-minute miHealth deep relaxation sessions follows, with soft music to prepare your mind and body for wellbeing.
  4. We then move on to using miHealth on the wellness points recommended for your specific treatment.
  5. Before you leave, we can discuss other support I can offer, such as yoga breathing or dietary advice. I am not a qualified nutritionist but have substantial knowledge both from an Eastern and Western dietary perspective. I can also recommend other trustworthy complementary therapists for a particular issue.


First session: 75 to 90 minutes: £120

Following sessions: 60 minutes: £100

There is an additional charge for infoceuticals.

I also offer distance healing.


“I was suffering with chronic fatigue. After the first couple of acupuncture sessions I noticed an improvement and over the course of a few months began to feel so much better. I would recommend Liz to anybody.” K.B.

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